OLPRO Dub Scrub Wash and Wax

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Leaving a long-lasting shine, Dub Scrub Wash and Wax from OLPRO is designed to effectively remove streaks and dirty marks from your vehicle, including algae and stubborn black marks. Effective on a range of campervans and vans, this shampoo and wax formula leaves a fresh shine and scent.


  • Effective formula: OLPRO's Caravan Wash and Wax removes stubborn streaks and marks, leaving behind a long-lasting shine.
  • Vehicle friendly: this product can be used to clean paintwork, plastics, metals, rubber, acrylics, fibreglass, wheels and windows, as well as many other steel and alloy parts.
  • Value for money: one litre of Caravan Wash and Wax will give approximately 25 washes.
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