Campingaz CG1750 Cartridge

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Whether you’re undertaking a DIY project or are feeding your family on a campsite, this high-performance gas cartridge will ensure that you are fuelled and ready to go. It features a butane/propane mix (70/30) for a highly efficient burn, as well as a self-sealing safety valve for convenience and peace of mind.


  • High-performance: a mix of butane and propane (70/30) ensures optimal results in various applications.
  • Easy installation: the hassle-free setup features a self-sealing safety valve – simply push and turn until you hear a secure click.
  • Reusable: the cartridge can be detached and re-attached, even if not empty, for versatility and convenience.
  • Compatibility: fits all Campingaz T range blowtorches, like TC2000 and TH 2000 PZ.
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